Pendulum Zodiac Tarot Card Psychic Medium Esoteric
Theoni has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Tarot and Cartomancy

It's all in the cards and the cards always tell the truth.


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Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Registered with the Traditional and Faith Practitioners of South Africa. This is for healing purposes. Forgiveness on Soul level and past life regression.


Reiki Grand Master Level 20, Theoni offers personal healing and workshops to train future energy healers.


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Chakra Balancing and Clearing

Chakra are invisible energy centres in our body and when they become blocked or slow moving we are unable to deal with our emotions in a constructive way. This leads to our inability to function in our day to day life.


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Get a detailed report of your birth chart and time important life events with accuracy.



Using number in your birthday and names to do a forecast and predictive reading.


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Feng Shui

The science of placement.

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Space Clearing and Space Cleansing

Removal of co-habitation of energies in spaces as well as in people.

Theoni also facilitates cross-overs of lost soul’s (usually through ‘Accidental’ deaths and suicides) and any other entity that needs to be released. People are generally not aware of the presence however they feel something is ‘off’.


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Crystal Grids

The powerful energy of crystals is used for optimum manifestations by creating a grid with specific intentions.

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Soul Coach

Life coaching is all about setting goals. Soul Coaching is about getting in alignment with your Soul's purpose.  Theoni is in her own right a Metaphysician, so you'll be getting expert guidance.

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E.F.T. (Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique is tapping on specific meridians of the body to recognise and release trapped emotions.


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Psychic Medium

A reading could reveal a lot about your life path and where you currently are in relation to it.


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