T.H.E.O.N.I. Way presents a collection of inspirational messages intended to awaken consciousness and offer an inspiring guide to positive action. Based on the work of spiritual healer Theoni Moraitis, this compilation focuses on the principles and values of her T.H.E.O.N.I. Way, an acronym that stands for Transforming Healing Energy and the Oracle of Navigating with Integrity. Working with personal energy to implement practical advice in dealing with day-to-day issues, Moraitis traces out a path for a journey of self-discovery made simple by spot-on inspirational advice. You might randomly choose a message-a-day by just opening the book to any page—the bit of advice you pick in this manner is meant only for you at that particular moment.

These are just a few examples of the messages included in this collection: • “IF” is the longest word ever expressed; it usually follows with what is not. • When Fearless meets with its mirror, there can only be Love.

• Persistent, inspiring, respectful, loving support heals wounds and allows change to BE the opportunity that you live in with ALL Creation. • Be flexible when choosing to move into the unknown. Then you are in creation of the reality you choose. The advice of T.H.E.O.N.I. Wayprovides the opportunity to experience life for the highest good.

© 2020 Theoni Moraitis

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