Creator's Way

In her unique work The Creator’s Way, Theoni Moraitis offers insights gleaned from just below the conscious view of life. The mystical and powerful messages offered in this volume are designed to create inspiration and “Aha!”’ moments that awaken the spiritual power residing deep within each of us. Like a jewel of many facets, each oracle reveals something different to each person reading the work, depending on what they need to be aware of. The oracles show what our inner Spirit is trying to reveal about the world around us.

With her unique and powerful teaching methods as well as her non-negotiable integrity, the author has gained the trust of her international clients, who continue to grow in number. Tarot and cartomancy are also some of the tools she uses for gaining deeper insight. Journey with her as she explores the deeper relationship between spirit soul and world ego, offering readers a guide to merging with spirit while living in their human bodies.

© 2020 Theoni Moraitis

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